I’m Back!

Danny Engesser

Danny Engesser

I am not a blogger, but I do have a blog. After taking a two-year hiatus from this blog, and only posting once, I decided to give it another go. While Twitter has served me very well, there are times when 140 characters just are not enough. I have no agenda with this blog. It is just a place for me to post random thoughts or things I think are cool. I promise that I won’t post on a regular basis or ramble on about politics or sports…or ponies or Gaga… OK, maybe Gaga…but probably not. I don’t think there is too much more to say right now, but if I’ve figured out WordPress, you should be reading this soon.  I’ve been going back and forth on whether I like WordPress or not, but I would like to know what your favorite blogging platform is and why, so leave a comment for me and join the conversation. OK. – End of line.

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Father | Digital Creative at Iowa Public Television | Owner & FAA Certificated Remote Pilot at Vision Air Iowa | Admin at DesMoinesUAV.Club View all posts by dannyengesser

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